New router table ready to go!


The new router table is ready to go. It works amazing! Please make sure you know how to use it before you try. It’s a dangerous tool that could cause serious injury if used impropperly or non-attentively. I will start teaching this tool as part of the new WS102 class that will start next month.


Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen. Once again it was a team effort that helped improve the quality of the woodshop!

There are new 1/4, 1/2, and cabinetry bits underneath. Please put them back where they go. The older bits are still in the toolbox to practice with.


So awesome. Used it today and thought, this must be new! Confirmed when ALL the router bits were in the cases too!!! Unbelievable… so please everyone let’s keep it that way.

I couldn’t find a 1/4”collet though, so I just used a 1/2 bit.

Would also be nice to have a quick reference guide available at the machine too!!!


Good idea, preferably chained to the door, so it doesn’t go wandering off. Looking forward to using the new tool!


I found a 1/4" collet in the top drawer of the black tool cart, but I wasn’t able to find a collet nut or any sort of adapter to fit it in the spindle of the router. Not sure if it’s missing pieces or if a collet from another router got put in the drawer…


What are they doing with the old one?


Yea! ,!and yea !!!


The old router table will be sold on craigslist and the proceeds put in the committee fund. There will be videos attached to QR codes on the machine coming soon to review the training on each tool in the woodshop.


@Mrksls2 oh thats an awesome idea