New old stock Medical storage chest and tables

Some new in the box, some used. “vintage” US Army medical storage chests with tables - see photo.

$90, Aluminum, water tight, vented for those wanting to take them via aircraft. Built like a brick Sh!t house as they would have said in the non pc days.

Camping or Glamping-the tables come in handy and have a shelf below.
Tool storage or transport - has carry handles on the sides for your help to help lift and move it when loaded.

Retro stylish Minty green colour screams 1970s, early 1980s US military non tactical vehicle paint colour!

The perfect Maker’s holiday gift!

For more photos - here is the same item on an ebay listing (not mine)


I’ll take one.

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2 down 3 or 4 to go…

If there are still some left at Christmas time, let’s build a M.A.S.H themed nativity scene.


I had a customer with M.A.S.H. 4077 I.V. bottles that were filled with some brand of vodka…you might search for those

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Oh man. I think my dad would love this! Also maybe me. Any discount for buying two?

2 for $200

For the nativity scene - I did find an army combat lifetaker’s medical kit bag with contents - I am fairly sure the IV bags of fluid are out of date…

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