New member unable to attend ceramics 100 classes


I’m new to DMS and am looking to use the kilns. I throw, dry, and glaze(most of) my stuff at home. I, unfortunately, can’t make any of the ceramics 100 classes on the schedule so far. Is there any way I could get a quick rundown on the rules/donation policies at a different time? Thanks!


Welcome to Ceramics! (should have started this way…moving too quick :))

Jane, Make sure to check out our Ceramics Wiki page Category:Ceramics - Dallas Makerspace
many of the guidelines are listed there for you. When can you meet for a run down of the space?

When you say “use the kilns” I take it you are planning to bring your work in for firing? Would you be able to volunteer your time to assist the kiln team, teach classes or assist in the space? We can chat more about this when we connect you with someone for a walk through.

Thanks, Monika