New member tour and access? Oct. 17th

I am a new member and was looking to see if anyone would be available to help me get familiar with the shop and figure out access. I am available all day today (10/17). Would anyone be willing to give me a tour?

I’ll monitor this, but I’m kinda booked up today.

I could give you a tour anytime Sunday between 8am-3pm. All of the fun tools are dangerous and require basic safety classes. Unfortunately we don’t have wait lists so you have to monitor the event calendar several times a day to see if a class was posted. Also go to committee meetings. Some tool privileges can be granted on the spot if you appear to have experience and are competent with a broom.

Thank you, but unfortunately I won’t be available on Sunday. This is my only free day until next weekend unfortunately.

So next Friday ask this same question. It’ll be easier if folks have some time to figure out their availability.

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Yeah, will do.

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