New member seeking HASS training

Looking to get a one on one with with the HASS. Don’t quite have PM privileges on the talk yet to reach out to Nick. My email is [email protected] and phone number is 918.899.9504.

Thanks for anyone’s help.

I recommend removing your name and email address, this forum is not private.

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I believe there is a class coming up in two weeks.

Done thank you.

@Edenblue sounds like Harley already took the class you linked, and just needs to get the 1 on 1 machine time to get certified for solo use. I am in the same boat… except I did message Nick about a month ago here on talk with no response yet. Not sure if Nick’s busy, or there was an issue with my submission/technical error.

I see, sorry about that!

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I’m not sure if he has taken the first part. I think he may want to pay for a 1 on 1 class. Maybe I mis-understood him last night.

I am trying to do the same thing, I can not email Nick yet due to no PM privileges. How does one go about finding a good way to contact Nick?

Here’s the deal. I recently changed jobs so my hours are very early. There is also a case of being very disenchanted with DMS
Lately. I will get to the files on my schedule and I will get you all checked and then I am done. Others can take up teaching and checking out the haas, or not.

@HarleySmith … I’ve moved this into the HAAS category which is more accurate than Plastics.

Thank you Nick for providing us with an update.