New member: science experiments inquiry

Hello, im looking into getting into the biology/science field and am curious if there is any experiments i can join in with helping to get more familiar again with lab skills ?

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I think you just missed the March committee meeting. The one is at:Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

You might PM-contact @kobin by for more information.

We usually meet Sundays at 2:30pm for an informal meeting in the Science Lab area. Feel free to stop by!


Sounds good! I will be out of town part of this weekend . If i get back in town in time i will come this Sunday, if not will be the Sunday after .

Great! Sometimes people don’t show up exactly at 2:30, so if you’re there around 3:30 that’s a safe bet. Usually we’ll stay until 5:30 or 6pm. I actually won’t be there this weekend either.

May need someone to let me in tomorrow ,so i can get this membership/fob issue resolved too

Just buzz the door and someone will let you in. Eventually.