New Member Request

Hi All,

I recently moved to the area and started a membership. Because there are currently no tours, it was suggested I post in the forum seeking a member that may be able to help me secure a fob and sign the liability waiver. As I joined primarily for access to the automotive section I figured I would post here to see if anyone could help me out. It would be great if I could arrange a lift certification as well.

Is anyone around over the long weekend and willing to help me out?

Really looking forward to being a member and contributing anything I can to the community.

Thanks so much,


I could meet you to get a key and sign the waiver. Would this afternoon work? Someone else would have to do the lift training. I’m not sure who’s doing that these days. @hon1nbo would know though.


I’ll be around later this afternoon as well and can do the lift training. If you miss me, @dallasmagna and @patrickpleez1 are usual suspects for teaching it.



Thank you both! My afternoon is open.

hon1nbo- since you can do the lift training too, what time should I show up?

Thanks again,

I’ll probably be in around 3 or 4. I’ll PM you my cell number. I’m also teaching a Laser Basics class for the laser cutters if you want to get in on that too.

For the lift class it’s $20 one-time (goes towards committee equipment upkeep).


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I’m around. :slight_smile:

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Good afternoon all,

I just joined as a new member, and after seeing this post regarding the Auto Lift cert, I wish I had signed up two days ago to get in on the training then, so as not to make someone repeat it a few days later (sorry). So I wanted to see when someone might have time to do another certification for the Auto Lift. Just let me know what time might work for those who can train me. Thanks very much.

I’m getting burned out since I’ve taught a half-dozen trainings and then the tours this week. @dallasmagna or @patrickpleez1 either of you able to do a class?

I’m around this afternoon.

So sorry I am only checking this again now, I thought I would get notified for responses via email, my mistake. I usually have work until 5pm, but may be able to sneak out early at any point this week. Please let me know, and I promise I will check this later today haha. Thanks.

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I am out of town for a couple of days at this point. Maybe @dallasmagna will be around this week.

Ah, thanks, that is good to know.

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