New Member Onboarding

I just paid my first month’s dues and am interested in coming by to sign my waiver and register my key fob. Any chance someone would be able to help me in late tonight or tomorrow night (any time after 9pm)? If not, I’m trying to make it during tomorrow’s Tour window but it’s going to be tight. Thanks all - and let me know if there is a more appropriate forum to ask this question.

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After 9pm? On Saturday? I could probably do that. It was about 10-ish when we got back from Denton Art and Jazz, and I expect to be at the Space about the same time tomorrow.

There is also an optional 1pm new member orientation class as well, there will be people, myself included, there to help you get set up.

Glad to have you as a member! Hopefully we can get you all set up today.

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It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it out tonight after all - but I appreciate your offer to help!

That’s great! I’m going to try and make the 1pm meeting.


Is anyone available for a new member setup during the week? Between kids’ soccer games and family engagements, my weekends are usually booked. I can be available almost any time Monday - Friday. Thank you for any help!

I can help with this - do you just want your fob set up or set up and orientation? Directors/officers are usually at DMS on Wednesday evenings for work sessions at 7. I’d be happy to help out before or after. I can also help during business hours if that would be better. Feel free to send me a PM to schedule something.

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