New Member equipment certification

Hello I’m new to the Dallas area and I’m going absolutely bonkers not having access to the tools in the woodshop like I had at the maker space I previously belonged to. It looks like the woodshop classes are full up for a while so I’d like to offer $120 cash to anyone who is authorized to train and certify me to use the equipment in the woodshop this weekend. You can see some examples of my projects on my instagram.

Thank you for your time,
Andrew Sakla


Paging @Mrksls2, @shoottx

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Andrew what is your schedule

I’ll be at the space tomorrow or send me a PM and we can work something out

Thanks Mike. It doesn’t look like I have PM privileges yet, but I’m available in the afternoon and evening on Saturday and all day Sunday. I can also be there Friday Evening by around 8:30pm.

I am also interested in getting certified asap and can come in today as well. Would that be ok?


Let’s plan for Sunday afternoon about 2:00 PM

I have been lurking and looking for the same. When I joined there were no classes available, and now that I came back from vacation, they are full already.

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Great! See you then. Should I bring anything other than ears and eyes?

Eyes and ears are all

May I join on Sunday also? I am a new member and was also disappointed that there seem to be no available woodworking classes on the calendar.



I will be holding the class Sunday at 2:00 It will not cover the Lathe or Multicam but will cover clearance for all the other Woodshop Tools.

If you have your own safety glasses, dust masks bring them or we have some,

The course will be $25 in cash to me. See you on Sunday

will be there!!! thanks!!!

I just set up my username Monday 6am. Stan gave me a tour last Thursday 7/25. I am most interested in woodshop, especially router technique. I am retired and live within 10 miles so I could come by most any time. Is anyone going to be around to show me where is the “any” key?


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Hi Mark, I just posted interest in learning the DMS woodshop to shoottx. I’m working in my outdoor shop this week with primitive tools. I could make it by most any time. -Bob Ramsey