New Member Bridgeport Mill Training (Self Study Complete)

Hello All. I’m a new(ish) member, and I recently completed the Self Study prerequisite for the Bridgeport Mill. I was told that after I complete the online course, I should post a message here to see if anyone would be available for machine-side training. Sooo…is anyone available for some machine-side training :sweat_smile:? Thanks!

@BobKarnaugh is the Bridgeport whisperer…

I have scheduled a Bridgeport mill class for June 3rd 12-3pm. It should appear in the events calendar on Thursday, Friday at the latest.


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Hi Bob - I would also like to participate in this class~! Liz

I have also completed the self study part and would like to take the class

Okay, folks. Posting here that you want to take the class will do you no good. Keep an eye on the Calendar/Events. When the class shows up (and I’ll try to post when it does – Discord has a channel that posts when a class goes active), you will have to sign up for it.

Make sure that you login to the Calendar, so that it knows that you’re a member, and can link you to your test results. If you’ve done that, and it won’t let you sign up for the class, then post back here to tell us what’s going on.

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That shouldn’t be a problem, especially if enrollment is light.


Liz DMS Member
May 24

Hi Bob - I would also like to participate in this class~! Liz

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Here’s the link for the class. Again – remember to login to the Calendar first. That will be your username, not your email, but the same password as for your account.

Thanks, Bob :+1:t4:

I emailed my test answers, however I have not gotten my results back and cannot register for the class on June 3rd

How did you email answers? The test is online…


Really? Wow, when did this happen? And I wonder why…

Looks like ~2019, and b/c that’s what was “the way” at the time. If that’s no longer the way, let’s get that updated (and the wiki, and source, and who knows where-all else…)

@Team_MachineShop_Ins @TBJK

Just looked at and it’s still online. I wonder if this wiki page is rotted info and leads to a dead end email account?

That’s a Talk page, not a wiki page.

D’oh! Might need updating.

Umm. That looks like a DMS email. Granted, if it works, Bob should be reading it.

It still works. I can see his results in the emails.

IDK what the current response paradigm is. I’m not a Bridgeport instructor. At some point I’m sure Bob will see it.

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Just passed the test for self study again. Thanks for the help!

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