New member and signing up for class

Hi! I just joined online, and was wondering if it was too late to attend the ceramics throwing class tonight? There is one spot left. However, I haven’t received a tour yet and cannot sign up for the class. Could anyone help me with this?

This appears to be a “beginner” class with no pre-req, so you should be able to sign up by logging into the Calendar with your DMS account (created along with your membership).
A copy of the New Member 411 should have come to your email, confirming the information used to create your DMS account. That document can be found on Source, as well:
and might help answer some questions.

I’ll ping @Anette_Henningson as well. I think this is a class she is teaching, and might be able to assist with any Ceramics particulars.

Did you log into the Calendar? There’s spot at the top right that says either Log In or Sign In. You would sign in using your username and the same password as your account. If the class is Members Only, then you can’t just sign up for the class with your email.

That makes sense. I signed up for a membership online today, and I assumed that meant I was a member but my login doesn’t work on the calendar.

I was hoping to be able to sign up for a membership and same day attend a class, but I think I missed a step!

Your user name is just graceparton. The password will be the same one you used for your account. Try that.

Although, that class is already full. I sorted the Calendar by Ceramics, and all the throwing classes are full. There will be more classes on the Calendar fairly soon. We tend to only put classes up 1-2 weeks ahead. So there should be more posted fairly soon.

Okay! Thank you so much. I apologize for all my questions, I’m super excited to begin taking classes at DMS. I was in a week long ceramics class at another facility, so I’m definitely itching to get back on the wheel and learn more!

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No worries, on boarding can be confusing since every space has different rules.
You can find all the ceramics information for new memebers as well as a link to the ceramics classes calendar here:

Thank you for the ping.
Sorry I missed you this time Grace, the first ceramics class to take at DMS is the orientation 100, it will let you know the specifics of using the area, looks like there is still a spot open for Friday.

Then there are throwing and hand building classes.

If you are wanting a tour of the whole maker space, the tours are Saturday any time between 10 and noon.