New Member Access

Hello I recently signed up as a new member. I need assistance in acquiring my rfid badge/access key. I came in and signed the waver, but there was no one in the common room to help with the key. The email said those were the first steps. Someone help please

To do it yourself [I’m working from memory so forgive me if I miss somethings]… In the common room, grab the computer facing the front entrance on the end [will have a RFID connected to it].

  • Grab a RFID Key fob - located in the box at the end of the table
  • Log into the computer using your username and password [note we are having some issues with passwords being updated across the different systems]
  • If you cannot login to the computer - you will need to email [email protected] [I think?], include your name, key fob number [imprinted on the side], and you would like to have your badge enabled.
  • If you have logged in - the battle is halfway over. Start a internet browser and go to and select “MakerManager (Badges)” from the “Member Portal” dropdown menu.
  • Enter your name & password once again; then select “My Badge” - it should bring you to a entry field to enter the numbers off your badge, it is easiest to just scan the badge using the RFID scanner [the numbers will then magically appear without any typos].
  • You should have a working badge at this point!

Also note: You can register your badge from any computer - so if you can log into MakerManager at home as long as you have a badge you will be set. There should be a couple of sheets around the computer in the commons room that has similar [and probably more accurate] instructions.

And as a final note, you can go request your “Green Dot” which will open up the member area of Talk [open a request under the “Member Access (Green Dot)” category.

Thank you! I really appreciate the info!

Some changes and clarifications:

If you’re new, you’ll have to send the email to get your password working in the database. So, you might drop by and collect a fob so that maybe Accounts can do it all. If you got one earlier, then you’re golden.

The computers in the Common Room don’t currently have internet. Part of the whole problem we’re trying to solve with the password issue.

Computers have restored access as of today.

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