New Member Access - Weekday Request

Hello All!

My name is John and i recently (today) paid for membership. Im looking to access the building to complete my Release and grab/register a fob.

Im free this week from 10am until 4pm everyday. I would have waited until Saturday for the regular tour and meet-n-greet but i am out of town and would like to jump start a small project at night this week.

thanks again and i look forward to meeting those who i run into.

youll see me in woodworking, electronics or cars - and sometimes painting.

thank you and i look forward to the fun!



A bunch of directors and officers will be at DMS tomorrow for the board meeting at 7pm. I’d be happy to give you a tour after the meeting. Does that work? :slight_smile:

Thank you Julie, ill do my best to make it work.

Would it be ok to attend the meeting so i can be on-site and not trouble you or anyone else since i wont know when the meeting ends?

thanks again!

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Yep - you’re welcome to attend the board meeting.

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