New gun owner here


So true, I nearly bought a S&M 500 revolver as my second gun purchase.

I’m truly happy to have never owned this gun. Got the chance to shoot one with friends and absolutely hated the gun.

Good comparison.


So true. This desert eagle though… :smile:


With guests. Think about gun safety for them.

If you have not really taken it out of the box and you are new to gun safety. Keep any ammunition far from the gun. People doing unsafe things with guns kill people. Please make that an unlikely event.

There are habits around gun and loaded guns that keep people safer. You do not have that skill set…yet.

Every day there are stories about how someone made a mistake with a gun. Someone gets shot or killed because of an error.

Most importantly, enjoy your family and the holidays.


Are there numbers on the primers?



Thank you - I cannot allow my kids to visit some family members because they left a loaded pistol where my 3 year old can get to it. It’s so important to be careful with gun storage and safety. Especially if children are visiting…but even adults can do dumb things or just make mistakes too.


This is everything you get if you buy the package or you can decide which features to get:

WTF Deagle .50AE Package Includes:
Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE
HBC Concealment holster with drop leg & belt clip mount
2 extra magazines
2 mag holders
Custom Deadpool Cerakote
Custom FAT 50 Ammo can with foam inserts
Challenge Coin
Barrel tip engraving


I immunized my 4 children for guns. I used the overdose method. Today I almost can’t get them to touch a gun - and the baby is almost 40. :grin: Although a 3 year old might be a bit young.



When are we going back to the Eagle Gun Range? It was soooo fun when shooting someone else’s ammo! :wink:

OK, this time I’ll buy!


I’d be interested in that. Haven’t run anything through the Golden Boy in over a year.


Whenever you want,
Just have to push me and I’ll jump at the opportunity. Same for you Paul (@Hardsuit) :smile:. It is always more fun with friends.


Maybe have a Maker meet-up at Eagle or Elm fork soon.


Since you (OP) are in Frisco, there’s an Eagle range in Lewisville, too. They may have “intro to firearms” or similar to get your fundamental safety training.

I’ve been there once. The only “gotcha” for new customers is your firearms must be bagged or cased when you bring them in. If you don’t have a case/sock/bag for your boom-boom, they’ll loan you one (or they did when I was there last, anyway).


If you want to bring it to Eagle in Lewisville one night, give me a shout. I’d be happy to teach you the basics on safe handling and operation. I’ve done that for multiple co-workers over the years.