New Group Buy for the 2017 Holidays


I’m putting together a group buy for sublimation blanks from a local supplier. I get great pricing on full cases of items due to my annual volume. Their sublimation catalog can be found HERE, the price list is in the back. If you want to look for non-sublimation blanks, they have a lot of laser-friendly wood, bamboo, metal, and leatherette items in their Complete Catalog, with the price list as a separate file.

I’m planning to pick up the order on December 15th, so I need all orders by the 13th. You can add the items, and quantities, that you want to the Google spreadsheet that I have set up, and I will update it with pricing as the orders come in, and we get case quantities of items.


Less than a week left before I need to place this order. Does anyone want any dye sub blanks for the holidays?


I am interested in buying aluminum baggage tags or nametags. I need landscape and portrait shaped hanging tags. Please contact me because I need help choosing for a project and I am a first time dye-subber. Thanks for your help. Branon


In the catalog, pages 53 through 55 have a number of different name tags. You sublimate them, and then attach a pin back or magnet back. Also, look at page 62. There is a 2" x 3-1/2" double-sided gloss aluminum tag. There are landscape and portrait oriented ornaments on page 76 that are 3" x 2".


Thanks. I found what I needed. How do I get “Edit” access to the Google spreadsheet?


I’ve fixed the permissions on the spreadsheet. You should be able to update it now.


Notice that the baggage tags don’t come with any kind of strap. If you want the plastic loop kind, you can order them on the same order; item UN4157, 18 cents each (P56).


The order has been placed. I’ll pick up most of the items tomorrow. I’ll bring them to the 'Space Saturday afternoon.

@brdunn, two of the items are out of stock in Texas, so they are shipping from Charlotte. I’ll bring them to the space as soon as they get here. I expect it will be Monday or Tuesday.


Any update on the two items? I’d like to get the rest of the parts from you and settle my payment. I’m at DMS Tuesday afternoon and get make it other times that you are here. Let me know.


The ones that were available locally are in my personal storage bin. It is black and has a strip of light blue, bacon duct tape on it. According to UPS, the other items are in Dallas and will be delivered by end of day tomorrow. The UPS tracking number is 1Z5FW3230303304255. I’ll bring them to the space as soon as I get them tomorrow. Do you have a bin, or should I just put them in my bin?


I found the vertical ornaments in your bin. Thanks. If you could put the others there when they come it would be great! How can I settle up with you?


The rest of your items are in my bin.


Thanks. I’ll grab them tomorrow during the day.


I got my stuff. Thanks!!


I got the rest of my items today. Thanks for setting up this Group Buy.


You are welcome. I received your PayPal. Thanks!