New Dates for 2019 election


Upon advice from the lawyer on retainer, we have changed the dates of the 2019 DMS elections. We have to follow the law and this change gives us the time to correct the problems we have been working under. The revised dates are as follows:

April 10 Mass email about election and how to vote
April 12 David Griggs (attorney on retainer) prepare notice and Proxy prepare notice (date may be incorrect)
April 24 Ballot issues submitted by 7PM
April 24 11:59 pm Deadline to submit Statement of Intent (SOI)
April 24 11:59 pm Deadline to request voting rights
April 26 Voter list available
May 10 Annual Meeting election 7:00. Polls open 6:30 pm, close 8:30pm

[Admin note: Remaining dates edited 4/16 with permission of OP]


Annual Meeting, Election of Board of Directors, BoD - New Date 5-10-2019
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