New classes added! 3d felting

Next Sunday you can come learn about felting in 3D. Part 1 will cover armatures including hollow forms. I’ll be demoing finger puppets this week but you can make all you want. Part 2 will cover possibilities for decorating and detail. If you have your own felting supplies feel free to bring them and enjoy a free registration! You do not need to pay a supply fee for Part 2 if you came to the armatures class. Ages 13 and up are welcome.

If we have a good amount of interest I will offer them again.


There’s another type of needle felting that I would be very interested in seeing a class on and that is where you needle felt into a belt it or failed circus to do a design or a picture. I have seen some fabulous pieces online made into things like purses were there was a horse head with the main flying in the Wind and I really wanted to buy one but I couldn’t afford it that I couldn’t justify spending that much 4 something that just didn’t really fit my needs. I would love to see some classes on that I know I couldn’t do anything like that but it would be fun to attempt it.

We will cover hollow form armatures with the finger puppet demo/unofficial project. A purse would be a bigger version of that and we will discuss the theoretical way to work things like boning in for large hollow forms like a purse.

I’m going to propose to committee we get some large pads so I can teach a felting painting class

Just a heads up about supplies/tools we have in fibers, if you didn’t know…

In the fiber cabinet, third shelf down on the left, there’s one of the three stacked boxes dedicated to needlefelting. We have a plastic tube with a lot of needles for class use in there

There’s also a box of specialized texture needles. Main thing, don’t let them get mixed up and return to original tube

There’s also a lot of pipe cleaners for armatures

Also in back left corner of maybe second shelf down, there’s a large stack of black foam blocks for needlefelting

Also, in bottom of cabinet, there’s a dedicated bag of needlefelting fiber (PLEASE use it, NOT the spinning fiber in bin on shelf above). It’s labeled. We got a some more colors not long ago. The colored stuff is couple bucks an ounce.

There’s also a bag labeled waste/core fiber that’s combing waste, fleece with too much VM, etc that’s good for core.

There is white roving that is $1/oz that we usually use to cover trashy core, then later color over the white.

It really keeps cost of project low to layer like above. There’s a scale/bowl in spinning bin on second shelf from bottom if you want to weigh anything

That being said, unless it’s really large, anything finished project about fist-sized or smaller, we just encourage folks to make a $1-2 Love Offering to the CA kiosk under Fiber category.

Busted needles, there’s a red Sharps container over on the back shelf of cubbies

Lemme know if you have any questions

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You might also want to spread the word on fb in the Dallas Makerspace Creative Arts group and share to the Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics groups where a lot of your target audience hangs.

Recommend a picture of some sort, description/blather, and link to class.

If you don’t do fb, lemme know what you want to say and I’ll do it for you

When will you be up there next? I didn’t see the blocks or the old core bag we usually have. If those are in stock once the class is approved and I can edit it, I’ll drop the fee since I thought we were out and needed more (although I allowed for free register anyway)

I do Fb and will make a new example tomorrow. I did one then the dog tore it to bits. Lol

The core bag might be buried in that bottom box. I need to check on the blocks. I’m pretty sure they’ll be there by your class but will confirm

I’m planning on being there next Tuesday for the fiberfrolic unless something comes up

QUESTION what’s the actual date of your classes? Are they on the calendar yet or am I missing them?

Class is Sunday the 8th. (Still pending approval) I’ll dig through today and look again. I didn’t want to interrupt the airbrush class

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