New Class: Personalizing Shirts, Hats, Mugs & More - 2nd Class Coming


I will be teaching a hands-on class on dye sublimation on Monday, February 22nd, at 7pm. You will learn what dye sublimation is, how it can be used to create full color, personalized items. The cost it $20, to cover supplies, but you will leave with a personalized t-shirt, hat, and coffee mug that you make yourself, so bring your photos, logo, and/or digital artwork on a flash drive, or optical media. You can see the event details here.

The class is limited to 10 members.

Hope to see you there!


I just want to thank Cary for loaning us a machine and teaching us how to use it until we get our own. It’s incredibly generous of him!


Awesome! I took a spot and I think there are now 6 remaining :slight_smile:


5 remaining …


Just got mine. Two tickets left.


Wow, those 10 seats went fast. I’ll schedule another after we see how this one goes. I we just guessing at how many people we can handle in 3 hours, since this is my first class to teach. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone that registered on the 22nd.

If you need to change the shirt size you asked for, PM me by the 18th. I’ll be ordering the shirts first thing on the 19th.


Excited that this is so popular!!


I’ve submitted another class for Thursday, March 3rd for 7pm - 10pm. It should be on the calendar soon.


In prep for the upcoming class should we bring photos/art work of what we want to print? If so, preferred format and pixel size?


Yes, bring photos/artwork/logos (only things that you have a legal right to use).

For photos, I prefer PNG, and for vector designs, EPS or SVG is what you will need.

The photo size is a little more complicated. On fabrics (shirts and hats), you can generally get away with printing at 200dpi, Therefore an 8" x 10" image would need to be 1600px x 2000px. On hardgoods (mugs, ornaments, photo panels, etc.), you really want to be able to produce the image at 300dpi. A typical 11oz. coffee mug would take a 8" x 4" image, so you would need an image that was 2400px x 1200px. Bigger is better.

For vector designs, size doesn’t matter, since it can be scaled as needed.


Cary, what is the aspect ratio / size for the hat image? And is the shirt image portrait or landscape? Thanks!



The heat press for the hats can hear an area 5-1/4" wide by 3" tall. The image for shirts can be either landscape or portrait orientation.


Interesting. Eventbrite shows “Sales Ended” for the 3 March class. Did it hit the limit?


No, when I copied the event from the previous one I forgot to change the closing date on the tickets. I have updated it, and there are 5 tickets remaining. Thanks for the heads up on this.


No problem. I was just about to grab one of those slots when I remembered that I have a conflict. Boo for me.


There will be another class going up on the schedule soon.


March 3rd I believe is the next class. Lots of people interested!


Yes, March 3rd is the next class, and there are 4 tickets left. After tonight’s class I’ll evaluate and post another class for March.


Based on tonight’s class I have reduce the class size for the March 3rd class to 7 people. There is one spot remaining. I’ll get another class on the schedule soon.

Thanks to everyone that came tonight.


Tonight’s class was great! Thank you so much for teaching!! I can’t wait to make more things :slight_smile: Here’s a pic of the items I made for anyone curious about the results