New agate slabs cut for lapidary

In the lapidary “area.” :grin: $2-4 marked.

Slabs and saws are located in our new cabinet. Key is in the same spot as the Genie keys. Donations goto jewelry.


man I really need to get in on one of those classes!


I just went agate hunting this past weekend in the Alpine area. I really want to learn how to slab some of these rocks/minerals as well as tumble/polish some if DMS has the equipment - and an instructor.

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We can slab them for sure. We currently do not have a tumbler large enough for tumbling.

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What sized tumbler are you looking for, my father in law has a few

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Try it, it’s great! I really like it.

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I’m thrilled that DMS has the ability to cut slabs. Beyond excited. I’m a novice at collecting, but was out for two days in different areas and lead by an expert. I think I have a few pieces worth getting a better look at (inside).

@dougemes - I don’t need anything large. I have some chalcedony, agate, jasper, hematite and plenty of unknowns (but beautiful/intriguing). I’m happy to buy a tumbler or borrow it.

I love DMS.

I have 3 tumblers up there on loan. One that could do small stones. And a large Thumler that needs some love, if someone is going to run to polish. All we would need is the media, straighten a roller, and time :rofl:

Sure we could find a spot for it as well. It’s currently in the new warehouse on a pallet. Think the barrel is in my car.

A vibratory/oscillating polisher for slabs is on our wish list for the future. Once we have a home next door.

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