Never mind. I was thinking like an a-hole

Just ignore I’ve learned and moved forward. I was asking for retribution. I realize retribution isn’t the way.

Edit: Everyone has been sweet even a few “have you lost your mind” texts. Basically…my kid was internet attacked and I wanted to see if someone knew anyone who would punch back for me who knew how to do it. I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot. This was so stupid from my inception of thought to me actually sitting down typing it out for you ugys. That’s the whole thing. I just wrote something, instant regret, erased it with an even more confusing message. Again. Idiot move by me. Onward and upward we go!


You ok, @uglyknees?

Retribution is the way. The universe will remain unbalanced until the perpetrators face justice. In equal measure, mind you. Not advocating firebombing their actual house.

they could probably run a backup save

You’re just being a Mama Bear… :slight_smile: and still good in my book!

The world of Internet trolling,
It is a life lesson, learn from it. Lock away your toys when on the internet and back them up. The people that do this kind of stuff are like the kids from school that were overly obsessed with burning ants and kicking dogs around the neighborhood. They often come from shit stock and your better off removing yourself from their sphere rather than disappointing yourself more by trying to do anything in retaliation.

Also, the curve of response on these kinds of things is extreme. Your response will likely receive an orders of magnitude larger response. There are many stories of Minecraft Server operators that tried to deal with these shitty people quickly turning into Doxing personal information, online personal harassments, and real world harassment some minor some major like swatting. Tears will dry, everything will be fine. This is the modern equivalent of a bully stomping your legos at school and the teachers not being willing or able to actually help in any way. The answer is to not bring your legos to school.

Hope you all get over it quickly.

You are absolutely correct.
I went overboard with my reaction for sure. My kiddo has already started repairing and moving on. I could learn a thing or two for sure.


Its always important to never stop learning no matter how educated you are.

I like to say, get out of your comfort zone.


Absolutely! I think DMS is a breeding ground for the “growth mindset” that is so very essential.



Failure teaches us a lot about ourselves. Without failure, our society would not be where it is today. Failure has brought us so much to our lives. We just celebrated someone who failed to land on the right side of the world.

Or as Bob Ross would say, Happy little accidents.

I like to look at the side of things, without the bad things in life, how do you learn to appreciate the good things? Personally I will eat some food every now & then that I know is not great tasting, just to appreciate the good tasting food.

Christopher Columbus BTW if those were wondering.