Needing auto lift cert/lesson

Hey all-

New member looking for someone to show me the ropes on the auto lift early next week. I have familiarity with dealership four point lifts, so this one shouldn’t be much different in concept.

Thanks in advance.

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Hm. Looks like nobody’s looking at this forum. So, …

Jim @hon1nbo – currently taking a breather from teaching stuff, but there’s one other lift guy I’ve forgotten, and Jim knows who they are.
@patrickpleez1 – not sure if he’s currently in town, but he’s back and forth so it should be too long.

$20 for lift training – it goes toward equipment maintenance.
That’s all I know…

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@dallasmagna @worldcloud are also qualified to teach the lift


I am currently around, so if you message me, we can possibly set something up! Unless one of these other gentlemen get to it before me.

Will you be at the space today?

Depends on what time you’re able to make it around.

I apologize. I just got an update. And I am not able to be there today. My apologies.

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Hello. Would you be available today?

@dallasmagna or @worldcloud
Hello, would either of you guys be available today for training on the auto lift?


Anyone here at the space now that could give lift lesson?
I’m in the auto area working on other projects at the moment.
Can text me 210-857-9421


We’re all volunteers, and most of us have jobs outside of DMS

I’m burned and have already taught a dozen+ classes of various sorts these past couple weeks, many back to back.

Someone will find time when they find time. Please be patient. There are no employees of DMS, and no one teaches full time.


Yup. A big part of being able to spend our money on the big toys and space upgrades is that we all help out to keep the space running so we don’t have to pay employees to do it.

It means that sometimes things happen quick and easy, and other times they just take a bit longer than we want.

I totally get it. Sorry if i came across impatient; not my intention. I was here working on other stuff and thought I’d ask. Last thing I want is to come across as the pushy noob. Plus, I don’t think I’m using the reply approximately in this app.

Again, apologies.

Thanks all!


It’s all good.
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I’m heading there and will give you the lift training (I just texted you).

I’ll be there in about 30 minutes.

I’m a tall old fat white guy with short grey hair


Good afternoon, I am a new member also looking for Auto Lift certification and saw this thread a little late the other day. I didn’t want to just show up without notice and try to piggy back off the other member’s lesson.

So I was wondering if I RSVP for the Committee meeting Sunday just to listen in and learn, might someone have time to certify me before or after the meeting? If not, no worries. I am still planning on sitting in on the meeting if it is open to any member. Thanks very much.

Open to any member, feel free to tag along and I’ll get you signed off on the lift after the meeting discussion.

Remember it’s $20 to take the lift class.



Great, thank you.

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