Needing Auth. To Use Ceramic Area

Hello everyone!

I just joined Dallas Workerspace and I was looking at getting the okay to use the ceramics area. I have my undergraduate degree in art history and ceramics and my masters in archaeology/ceramic petrography as long as having an extensive history in studio work. BUT I totally want your guy’s approval and education about the area before I touch a thing. I was informed that @coffeebean was the one to speak to but unfortunately I either can’t message or I’m just ignorant to using the forum :slight_smile: regardless I’m super excited to work in the space with everyone!


It was great meeting and talking with you today. April should be getting with you soon. I sent her Text that you needed ceramics 101. She said she would be happy to go over this with you.

I look forward seeing you at DMS

Anita Willis


Welcome! Was good meeting you tonight. Just need to get your Green Dot which signifies you as a member – Either post in the Green Dot category or wait to see if it syncs up in the next few hours. Then you should be able to message I believe.

Good luck, and hope to see you around!


Thank you!!

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Thank you very much!!

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Green dot does NOT affect PM capability.
Trust levels do.

Check out the Read First Thread for a ton of info, and msg Discobot for a quick, interactive lesson on using Discord.


Hi and welcome!!! I can show you the ropes for the ceramics area. Let me know when you think you can be there.

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I can be there this evening after 4:30 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alrighty. Lets say 5 today then? If you plan on using the space afterwards, bring your own clay and bring plastic wrap to wrap pieces :+1:


Hellos and welcome to DMS!

Lithics as well? :nerd_face:

Welcome Gabe. Was nice to meet you two last night and show you around.

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Yes :smile: I absolutely love it

Sounds good I’ll see if I can run and get some

Go to Trinity Ceramics