Needing a laptop

I am looking for a laptop at a reasonable price. Looking for 7 or newer as the os. I wouldn’t mind a MacBook but they are usually priced above me. So if anyone has one in decent condition for sale, let me know!

I have an ASUS Zenbook 330UX that I bought new in December 2017:

It has been a good laptop, but I am looking to trade up for something with a built-in HDMI port (I do a lot of presentations, and my adapters are hit and miss).

Known issues are:
–the fan is on 100% of the time, and fairly loud. (No overheating/performance issues that I can tell; not sure why it does this)
–the open-lid sensor is janky, so sometimes it will run even when the lid is closed. I find I have to turn it all the way off if I don’t want to risk draining the battery while it’s in my bag.
–The USB-C port has never worked

I am not a computer guru, so have never taken it apart to investigate or try to repair the above issues, except for taking off the back cover to air-dust the interior. I would be happy to sell it for $150. Let me know if you’re interested!

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Not entirely sure what you’ll be doing with it but if one is just needing something that just works and a modern tablet is out of the question then there’s a lot of very inexpensive netbooks on ebay.

Here’s one for $10:

Bet one could make that in half a hour with etoro / coinbase.


How much are you asking?



You can usually pick up Chromebooks on eBay for super cheap. I got a great one for $70 not long ago.

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Thank you. Skipped this somehow.

I had an UX-line Asus myself which had the same problem. There are differences within the line, obviously, so a different fix may be needed for yours, but for mine it turned out that they released a firmware update that fixed the fan issues. Couldn’t hurt to check if you haven’t already, I’d suppose. hth

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