Need Vinyl Stickers / Decals

I am going to need some small (~1/4” tall) stickers/decals to label some switches and connectors on a painted metal CNC control box I’m building.

Does anyone have access to a machine (Silhouette?) that makes things like that? Will pay for time and material.

I can do it. I actually have a vinyl cutter at home.


Can you just use a Dymo label maker? The tape is actually 1/2" tall and prints black lettering on white with a sticky back. I use it to label wires like the ethernet cables in my house. The lettering size is adjustable to 5 different sizes.

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I’m aiming for a look cleaner / more professional than a labeler will give me. I have one but even the black-on-clear looks chintzy. It’s my fault: I tend to get perfectionist on stuff like this.

I’ll PM you to discuss. Thanks!

Sounds to me likeva perfect solution. Dont have to weed out tiny letters. .