Need Trophy base…

I’m creating a custom trophy for my husband’s birthday, I’m 3D printing a model of his past away pet, but I can’t find a store where I can buy a base, does anyone know of a place I can buy just a base? (I will be painting this model gold)

Depending on the size, Michaels or JoAnn have round and oval wood bases that might work.

I was hoping a little more blocky….

I mean, there is always the option of just making it yourself in wood shop. They’re fairly easy to make. Just get a short piece of 1x8 from Home Depot, a little work with the bandsaw, the Sanders, and a router, and you got yourself an unstained base

I don’t have ANY experience with those tools… this will be six inches long, can someone help me?

Can you provide a picture example of the kind of base you want? with general dimensions? might help folks like me who need a visual.

DMS is giving away chunks of the pecan that was milled for the lobby shelves. Assuming it is thick enough, I expect we could make a base from that stock. If you be will okay finishing the wood, (stain, poly, whatever), I would be happy to cut a shape for you. We could even place a profile on the edge with the router table. We could say 30 minutes or so to complete the process.

Let me know.

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That would work too. I was thinking Lathe which I am a fair hand at.

If you want a marble base, I can procure one for you from JDS Industries. The are relatively inexpensive. Give me the dimension that you need and I’ll see what they have to match. I am going there this afternoon to pick up some trophies, and could probably get it then.