Need to update easel drivers on Surface laptops

Hey y’all, I’m posting here to request someone with admin privileges to update the easel drivers on the surfaces. I’m currently unable to send gcode to the shapeoko machine, and can’t update the drivers with my makerspace profile.

On the flipside, if we’re moving away from using easel to send gcode, are there any alternative gcode senders I can look into?


I’ll add a ticket in Jira

edit: I created a ticket, will try to get them updated this weekend

We don’t have any machines that use Easel anymore except the new XCarve and it has it’s own PC directly connected already. There’s perhaps no longer a need for Easel on the surfacebooks.

How, then, would people learn how to use Easel? Or create files to store on the member drives?

Easel requires no special permissions and can be used on any computer already. It’s only the driver that requires special permissions.

With most web browsers Easel allows you to do everything except cut the item. We haven’t tried, but you can probably use a tablet computer, or a cell phone. Easel is the software that ships with X-carve, and the only one we support. You can use other packages, but due to the shear number of users, we will only be providing official support for Easel users.


What’s the software that is used to control Shapoko XXL in plastics that most users should embrace? How do they find it and get started. Is there a link to a section in The Source?

The shapeoko3 xxl in plastics uses g code generated by Carbide create . It is available for free from carbide 3d and I do regular training classes. The g code sender for the machine is carbide motion and it is installed in the dedicated surface book attached to the machine .

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