Need to return Delta Table Saw, sander and dust collector


I have a Craftsman cabinet table saw that I’d be glad to loan to DMS to fill the space left by the departing saw. It’s still very high functioning and can run on either 120 or 240. It’s been sitting in the corner of my garage for the last couple of years unloved, so it would be great to make use of it. Please PM me if the committee is interested and we could probably get it over there this weekend or next.


Is the Delta still at the space and operational? Do we have a schedule for its removal yet?



To answer my own question, in case any one else is curious - as of this morning (10/23) the Delta is still there and operational.


The tools that are being returned will be discussed at Thursday’s committee meeting at 6pm in the workshop area. We will talk about replacement options and vote on the purchases. Everyone who has an interest in using the new equipment should attend to have a voice in the final decision. If we can find a more comfortable location to have the meeting we will move there after the meeting has convened. If this is the case, I will post a sign on the double doors to the woodshop.
*I will be in the woodshop all day on Thursday catching up on the missed maintenance day tasks. There may be a machine or two out of service for a few hours. Anyone who wishes to help or learn is encouraged and welcome to stop by. There will be plenty of volunteer opportunities


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Freud plastic cutting blade on the SawStop?