Need to return Delta Table Saw, sander and dust collector


I thought there was some additional clarification that only Southern Yellow Pine was banned and the white versions were okay.

Also, my 2 cents, not another Saw Stop. I need a healthy modicum of adrenaline pumping through my system whenever I work with a tool that could kill me. The feeling of “oh this is safe” can quickly breed forgetfulness when using power tools. Plus it makes me feel alive!


Ban wood from woodshop…makes sense to me…I think this is one of those things that belongs more in the folklore collection…yes, it can be pitchy, on the wet side, and warped, but ban it? it is ubiquitous, inexpensive, and well suited to some projects…

Southern Yellow Pine is not even a species, it is a group:

Yes, it is probably worth suggesting not to cut on Sawstop, but there is absolutely no reason otherwise. It also sounds like one of those rules that was made with good intentions but not enough information.


@RoboGreg, I helped move the Delta from your garage to Ladybird many moons ago. Do you need the use of my truck/trailer again to move things back home?


This would be a huge safety violation. Expulsion would be the most likely outcome.


What are you talking about @Kriskat30? The bypass is only temporary and reset when ever the power is cycled. Also, as @kbraby explains, even though the bypass is temporary and resets every power cycle, effectively no members have access to the bypass keys. This is a complete none issue and not worthy of any saber rattling.


Hey Mike, thanks for the offer. The tools are going to be moved to the new REV office/warehouse which is over on Crosby only 5mins away from the Makerspace so it should be easy to grab with a dock high truck sometime in the next week or so.


Before you get your panties in a knot, she’s referring to what Zach said. (Note her reply was directed to him)

Modifying a safety device has serious liability issues for DMS if someone were to get hurt.


I wanted to say thanks for loaning the space that gorgeous, reliable beast. Before we had a saw stop and even after I used that thing so much. That thing made made so many cabinets!


Disarming wasn’t in mine also. Someone asked about it but we were told it wasn’t part of the training.


I’m not quite sure what you mean. if you refer to changing the key system (which is a switch) over to RFID so that it can be “turned” by a RFID fob instead of the key, I’d say it presents even less of a safety issue than a key alone, as there is a log of the action.

We routinely do our own wiring on tools, including the just-as-lethal lathes and the HAAS in the machine shop. I see no increased liability here.

(Note that disarming the safety is a standard procedure used when one has a SawStop in one’s personal wood shop. Most people can’t afford two saws. You press the wood to the stopped blade, check the sense light to see if it would trip the saw. If yes, use key to disarm system for that cut.)


Would this be the first time a fob is required to override a safety feature at DMS?

Would that be a hazardous mix of the use of the fob on “dangerous equipment”?


Throwing my name in behind the not-another-sawstop petition. Is there any talk yet about an actual replacement schedule/timeline for the Delta?


My guess would be the next Woodshop meeting on the 25th.


I’m curious where you got your screenshot.
Mine looks like this when the (as highlighted in yellow in your screencap) zmetzing message to which kriskat30 replied is expanded

making it appear as though expulsion of the person not following procedure to “…check the equipment before use, which is a violation of shop safety rules…” is in the cards. This makes it appear Kris is suggesting key access, or RFID if modified, is acceptable; not following protocol is not, and might get you expelled…


Not if you view the RFID lock-outs in woodshop as safety features. You can’t power on a saw without badging in. This would be one more badge + key turn/whatever to override the contact-trip behavior. Note that one could just go over to the Delta, which is logically equivalent to the override. You are selecting more risk, voluntarily.


And you replied directly to Kris’s post, further muddying the waters with your unhelpful response. Unless you are indeed referring to @Kriskat30 's panties, in which case…why?

Anytime someone gets hurt here it is a serious liability issue; the nearly useless liability waiver members sign will not stop someone from suing if they get hurt and feel like suing. There are so many things DMS would/could be liable for, singling out any one of them just to be a white knight is silly.


“White knight”? Now that’s being silly. Zach is referring to modifying the safety. We have enough issues with RFID switched devices like the Delta saw not working when users attempt to badge in. If the RFID switch malfunctions and causes the safety to be off on the Saw Stop, resulting in injury, that’s far more serious than a user getting hurt on a non-safety equipped tool.


Not possible in the situation I was describing: The RFID would simply prevent the key from disarming the system unless an authorized (perhaps additionally-trained) member tagged in first. Much like the setup we have on the HAAS where the badge reader prevents the green button from starting up the machine.

(oh … and I think we’ve got a proven track-record on the HAAS RFID setup, which is self-contained, versus the problematic Internet-of-things wood shop RFID stuff)


Thanks for clarifying. Your post read the other way.

Yeah, with all the issues in the wood shop with the tag readers I wouldn’t rely on them beyond power on/off - certainly not with a safety device.


I very much agree.