Need to return Delta Table Saw, sander and dust collector


Hi. Greg Needel helped build our MakerSpace. One of the ways was lending us tools. He needs 3 back. Important ones. Ones we are very grateful for the very extended loan.

These are:
Delta Table Saw
Delta sander
Delta dust collector

From Greg:
Hey All,
For the past several year I have lent several tools to the maker space ( Delta Unisaw, Delta dust collector, and delta belt sander) to the makerspace. I have been very happy with allowing the space to use these tools since I downsized my personal shop in 2012. I have not had the space to build or time to have a personal shop for this equipment since then. I am now moving my business into a much larger facility and will be building a fully equip prototyping shop which has the space for this equipment and I would like to take them back from the makerspace rather than buying duplicates of the equipment.

This in no way reflects on my commitment to the space, just that my personal need for this equipment has now changed. Since these tools get used regularly I am open to being flexible when I pick them up from the space. I will have access to a truck a few times over the next month and can work with you to determine the best time, which will have minimal impact on the space and utilization.

Thanks for understanding, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


@Mrksls2 (woodshop chair)

PS. He requested this last week on the woodshop email list.


What is the delta dust collector? The dust collection system the shop currently uses?


I’m not sure if it is the one on the Multi Cam or not.


I do not believe the Delta collector on the MultiCam is a GN loan.


Greg, you can pick up your equipment whenever you would like to. If I am there, I would be happy to help load it up. Thanks so much for your very generous long term loan to the space!


I mailed Greg on the [email protected] with your reply @Mrksls2 and a link to this thread.


The dust collector is likely the box hanging from the ceiling, used to remove dust from air in the room.

I have one just like it in my garage I’m not using anymore that I’d lend to the space… but… it is really designed for a garage and a few hours of dust collection, not to run full time in a large heavily used shop like ours.

An industrial sized ‘air cleaner’ would be great though.

I hope we can buy/replace the delta table saw. Love that saw.


I love that Delta as well.

The 2 units on the ceiling are Jets.


I guess we can add these to the what could the new woodshop use thread.


Fyi, UNT has a Delta table saw posted on their Tuesday Surplus Sale pages; at the bottom of page two. Dunno if its comparable to the unit you are sadly bidding farewell to or if it even works, but given the price tag and the lack of a “parts only” notation, it probably does.


That appears to be a radial arm saw.


I have been eyeing this one on CL. I used to have the Incra on my PM66. Awesome fence system.


Yep. Another fan of the Delta. It’s similar to what I learned on years ago in my Dad’s shop, for one. Also, no risk of blowing the safety for whatever reason and spending unexpectedly to replace the tube. :slight_smile:


Radial arm saw would be awesome too!!!


I almost never use Wood Shop, but the SawStop saw makes me feel more comfortable in case I slip. Any reason not to buy another one of those, in the interest of safety?


I actually feel the opposite. I’d rather use the Delta so I don’t have to worry about firing the Sawstop.


Makes us need to have a Moisture Meter before we cut wood on the SawStop now. Maybe that is something we could also see added to the Woodshop, and store it on or near the Sawstop itself.


When I had a woodshop in my garage, I used this more than anything else. then the bandsaw and then the tablesaw.


This is a great reason to have one. But as others reply, they (me included) prefer using a straight up no-fuss system. I am more worried about triggering the sawstop than being safe on the my cuts.


The dust collector I leant is a delta 50-760 (stand up unit). I assume it was still being used for the CNC router, unless it was replaced by something else.