Need to make a key thinner (thickness is too thick for ignition)


I have a key that I had made as a backup to a side by side that I own, but because it is Chinese, I cannot seem to find anyone that’s stocks the correct key blank. The closest one I have been able to find is slightly too thick, and will not fit in the ignition.

I am not a machinist, but it would seem that there should be a simple way using a jig to bring down the overall thickness of the key on both sides as long as I know the correct measurement. Can someone confirm this, and do I need special training on any of the equipment, or is there someone that could help me out with this? I have seen a similar process when people make knives, and sand them or grind them down to a uniform thickness on each side.



I thought I was on the right trail…

maybe this?

Sorry. I kid. More seriously, you can probably glue it down to a block (of wood, or metal, something square), and use the KMG and/or any sanding apparatus (belt, disk, etc.) to “plane” they key thinner on one side, then remove, glue the other side, and “plane” the other side…
Something like this, but a mill would be overkill, I should think, for this

Contact cement, as shown, or superglue should work well.
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I would think the KMG and using the platten/backing plate to keep the belt flat would work. If the key is magnetic, you could perhaps use a small welding magnet to hold the key, foregoing the need for glue.



Use the laser to zap off the thickness you don’t need?



Making stuff is fun and all, but… what happens when you misplace this key? Might be time to think about the problem from another angle.

You could replace the ignition switch with a new switch that can be re-keyed. You might get to design and 3d-print a new panel for the dash!
Or you could hot wire the ignition switch and add a hidden push-to-start button or RFID or other secure way to start it…

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Had you tried to go to some of the local suppliers of chinese atvs? They tend to have the same keys.
Or even ebay.