Need to have a lock picked $ RESOLVED I found the key

I lost the key to a trailer hitch lock on my truck. The key is the common flat type with cuts on one side. The lock is now in place holding the hitch in the receiver. PM me if you have the skill and want to take on the challenge.

I’ve heard a Ryobi grinder is a good lock picker if you don’t get any replies. :smiley:

Edit: Saw the link and realized it’s not for sale anymore. Grinder.

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Given the installation location, I’d suggest a drill instead of an angle grinder.

I’d just drill out the cylinder.


A long punch/steel rod and a sledge hammer should knock that sucker right off, assuming you don’t need to reuse it in the future.

Second though, maybe it was a stout pry bar and sledge hammer that I used years ago to remove a few.

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Seems they offer replacements.


Tagging @Jcgalik if you want the non-destructive route

It’s probably an easy pick even for a beginner (just a guess from experience in that market). However as others have suggested a grinder will make easy work of it.

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I was able to pick 4 out of 5 locks on a cabinet I bought using the scraping method I learned from a teenager on youtube. 5th lock someone had messed with so I drilled it out. Angle grinder would be easiest and quickest if you can get to the shackle. I made the pick with a piece of tig wire I had, it worked better than I expected but still took a few minutes per lock.

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I found the key!!!

Thanks to all of you here and PM that responded with help and ideas. DMS is a great place to find help and advice. I really hope we move through this pandemic and get back to the old days of crowds of folks at the space.