Need to borrow a Wiegand 125khz RFID reader for prototyping

Might one of you nifty peeps have a Wiegand 125khz RFID reader (the ones we use to control all the doors at the 'Space) I might borrow for a few days?

I’ve ordered one but it’s taking forever to arrive, and I’m hoping to continue a streak of project progress in the meanwhile.

I’m working on a small project for the 'Space, and it’s at the testing and integration phase.

I thought my project’s implementation of RFID was complete (using a cheap UART-output RFID module), until testing revealed it can’t read the implanted tags.

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ELab does not have one of those.
Paging @Team_Infrastructure

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No worries; thanks for the quick reply!

We (Machine Shop) have one. It is a button style. Im not sure exactly were it is.

Awesome! Poked around a bit. Is it this one?

I found it in this box under the steel table near the HAAS.

Yep that’s it.