Need Suggestions on Buying Laser Cutter/engraver

Hello, I need some help. My husband asked what I wanted for Christmas and I told him a Cricut Cutter. He sent me a link to a glowforge machine. I looked at reviews and even though it seems like a good machine there seems to be negatives like poor C/S via email only and only usable from their cloud server.

I am looking for a machine that will allow me to laser cut Yeti tumblers, I know that is an optional piece so the machine would need to accommodate this add-on. I also want to be able to cut, Engrave and emboss Leather, wood, acrylic, fabric, glass, etc. I want something that I can use off-line and that uses multiple graphic formats. Good software OR I can use my own AI, photoshop w/CO2 laser. My main computer is a PC, but I also have a MAC. My max budget is $2500.

There are so many manufacturers out there. I want something reliable and user-friendly. If you can point me in the right direction or give suggestions I would appreciate it. Also, any help on what Features I need to be sure that I have would be awesome.

Thanks so much.

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Not sure if this is the top-of-the-line or not, but at least it is on sale (at/through Walmart). Anyhoo…


Thanks for the heads up Mblatz. I think I will get this one while I continue to research laser cutters/engravers.

I have a Cricut Maker - it’s no laser cutter but it’s pretty capable. Also doesn’t require ventilation and you can’t poison yourself by cutting the wrong materials :smiley: I’ve used mine to cut the usual cardstock and vinyl, and have cut 4-5 oz. leather, thin balsa, and thin plastic on it too.

They say you can use Design Space offline, but I haven’t tried it. In fact, they have discontinued the web-based version of Design Space (which is a bummer because it was a quick way to test how a design would look without installing the application).

I haven’t had to use Cricut’s customer support. There’s several online crafting forums where you can get help from other users though.

Beware third-party cutting tools. You’ll see them on Amazon and Ebay that say they work with the Maker - read the reviews and if you see more than a couple “my Maker wouldn’t recognize the tool” reviews, stay away!


Thank you so much Jswilson64 for the helpful info. I spent much of the morning researching the Cricut vs the Silhouette (both seem great). I decided on the Cricut after I read on a site today that the Design Space was no longer for just online use.

With mblatz’s heads up regarding the great deal, I JUST walked in the door with the Cricut Maker I ordered online this afternoon from Walmart! I’m pretty excited to have a tool at home that I can use for my maker projects. I just wish the classes didn’t fill up so quickly at DMS. I’ve taken the laser class a couple of times but it has been so long. I think it’s time to start getting my hands dirty again. LOL

I’ve been watching the price of the Cricut Maker for several months. This is the best I’ve seen by far.

I like that it can cut leather, amongst many other things.

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Silly, you can’t cut a laser…