Need Stainless Steel Part Made


Anyone think they could help?
I tried building it out of aluminum but it was too soft.
Willing to beer/feed/pay for help.


All I see is a login page from my phone.


Skip the login. Click continue in browser and it’ll work


What tolerance do you need it made to? I can probably make it.



Which aluminum alloy did you try with?

6061 is the most popular where 7075 is almost twice as “strong” and “hard” (tensile/yield strength and rockwell hardness scale, respectively).

Also don’t forget the option to heat treat after you’ve machined it, depending on your alloy.


@hon1nbo not exactly sure on the tolerance, this is definitely not precision as there are 3 set tightening screws to take up the slack and it wobbles around without them. @Shae Nanigans from MS has one of these portable dance stages coming in next week and can bring it to the space for us to reference.

I tried 6061 and it was gummy wouldn’t hold. Maybe I could buy 7075 and Stainless 304b do an A B test. What do you think? @Windsor didnt know 7075 was that much stronger



Hey guys do any of yall want to meetup this coming week at the space and brain storm/build a mount for a xstage.


(next week) If it’s late Wednesday or later I’m in


@hon1nbo how about I try to arrange late Wednesday to brain storm and design. Then Thursday I go out and buy the metal. Does that work for you?