Need source for CHEAP interior door

Need source for cheap interior door. 29"x80"

My alarm system got herself locked in the bathroom, decided that she needed to try and dig through rather than just take a nap.

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Craigslist “free stuff” and “materials” categories.
Show up routinely from remodels and surplus.

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And you can get a free hot tub. :stuck_out_tongue:

My first guess would be Seconds and Surplus. But it looks like they have gone upscale.

A better source might be Habitat For Humanity’s ReStore outlets. I know several folks that have scored there.


Does the woodshop have mortising and door knob jigs ?

Oh so many to choose from, too!

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30x80 hollow core slab door $24 at home Depot. Besides free that’s going to be cheapest TBH.

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The Garland Habitat for Humanity ReStore off hwy 78 and Crist Rd in Garland (not to be confused with the Dallas Habitat ReStore, also in Garland, but at I-30 and Beltline/Broadway) Is sort of a cross between the Dallas ReStores and a thrift store and had all sorts of stuff like used doors and windows.

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Free can take a while - Check with your local Freecycle group -

Also - Join your neighborhood’s NextDoor and Facebook groups (I know, yuck) and ask around, check on Reddit D/FW ( or see if there’s a sub for your particular city/neighborhood.


Another place to check would be Orr Reed Wrecking it is down on Riverside, what used to be Industrial it is down on Riverside it is down on Riverside south of downtown Dallas between I-30 and Corinth most. Most people know that street as Industrial. I was going to also suggest checking out the Facebook buy sell groups in your area all sorts of things show up on those. And of course Craigslist also. If your alarm system is that determined a lady you might want to look at a solid door instead of a hollow-core door. A lot of older homes like mine from the 50s have solid doors artley solid wood panels. Might be a little stronger.

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