Need sewn dog bumper For bed?

Dimensions arent super picky. But i need an L-ish shaped pillow/bumper thing for my dog for the corner of my bed.

The 2 inside of the L dimensions would be 24× 27 inches. I would prefer it be at least 4inches wide by 6in tall. 4x4 would be fine if if just needs to be round.

Needs to be able to withstand the washing machine weekly.

Ive been meaning to do this myself but im just never going to get around to it.

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Looking for something better than our current set up


What if it were a cover for body pillow (they are longer than king-size pillows)? Or are you shooting specifically for something with a smaller squishy footprint than a regular pillow?

My one concern would be that an “L” wouldn’t stay in an "L shape without some sort of connector.

Dog is cute! looks like fox.

I am looking for something smaller because the pillows take up half the footspace of my bed

I don’t really care if it curves a bit i was just hoping to reclaim a few inches of footspace. Those pillows are just so wide.

And thank you she’s very aware she’s cute and takes advantage of the house guests for attention


Wait! How cushy does it have to be? Like, could it just be pool-noodle cushy? I’ve been thinking about the issue of putting something of those dimensions in the average washing machine. But – if we made a casing, with the pool-noodle parts stacked in a triangle, then you could wash the casing easily, and restuffing the pool noodles would be easy-peasy. Providing, of course, that that would provide enough cush.


That might be an okay arrangement. I didn’t think of that.

Really im just trying to keep her from migrating across the bed. She moves around a lot without a barrier and does not do well if startled in sleep so its just best to keep her separate. The pillows do that reasonably well they’re just wide.

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So did anybody agree to help you with this?


Not so far.

So do you want to try the fatter pool noodle option? They aren’t 6” diameter-more like 3.5”.

I was perusing some web stuff yesterday, and this image popped up:

The chair design is rather perplexing, but it made me think that a pair of old jeans could be used to make the bumper concept.

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Omg, that’s hilarious.

I would be interested in trying the pool noodle thing though. Sounds reasonable to slip them out and wash the cover.

Yeah, I was thinking that would be the easiest to deal with cleaning. Stuffing is hard enough to get into a pillowcase. Getting it into a tube would not be pretty unless you had a full-length zipper or velcro closure.

I’ll work on cobbling version 1 together.

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At long last, I have it sewn together.
I can leave it in the Science committee area for you when I’m there Tuesday evening for my CA meeting or mail it to you. If you choose mail, I’ll need you to PM an address, as the one in Maker Manager doesn’t appear to be a functional address.

you need to acquire one of the fat pool noodles. Since the season is essentially over, you might have to resort to going to Leslie’s Pool Supply or such to find one. (sorry about that…) I perused other options like those foam roller thingies for workouts ($5 at those FiveBelow stores), but the diameter is significantly larger than I made this sucker. Again, sorry 'bout that. But not really…

I had originally thought I would sew a triangle of fabric to the bottom to hold the two sides at a right angle (or less), but then it occurred to me that I didn’t actually know which side of the bed you needed the dog to stay on. So I opted to sew a loop of nylon web into the seam at each end that you can use another cord to tie at the appropriate angle.

I also made a drawstring channel at each end to allow easy slide-in/slide-out of the noodles or stuffing so you can wash the outside. I attempted to buy cheap shoestrings at Daiso to accomplish this. No such luck. They only had shoestrings that were really long. So you may want to replace these with a more appropriate option. I would have used elastic and a couple of those cord stops, but my gigantic multicolored collection of cord stops has mysteriously disappeared. Dang.

Noodle1 - shows the diameter difference between the fat ones and the normal ones.
I didn’t try it, but it might take two small ones side-by-side…

Noodle2 - shows the fit of the fat noodle in the sleeve. As it happens, the seam ended up on top in the photo. But it’s actually the bottom of the design. You can kinda see the white(ish) loop on the right side for connecting the a(squared) and b(squared) sides in a Pythagorean Theorum illustration.


Awesome. Thank you so much, i really appreciate it. I can swing by and pick it up from Science or if you see Michael, he can make sure it gets to me.