Need info on rejoining Makerspace

I would like to rejoin Makerspace but have a problem understanding the steps I need to take. I had a family membership before but I am going to start with a single for now. What steps do I need to do to process correctly? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You could login to the account manager and renew your membership. This is the preferred method so that any training you have taken would still be active. Or create a new one account.

Lampy, thanks. I renewed my membership in accounts manager. My keyfob is gone so I will need a new one. what is the procedure with covid going on. Before I would come on Thursday night when the tours were going on and ask someone to help me. what is the best way now?

pasted “standard issue” reply:
Since we cannot conduct “open tours” as we normally would, we are recommending posting to Talk with a couple of days/times that work best for you to help coordinate with one of our wonderful volunteers to gain access to the lobby (where a waiver must be signed if you have not) and the Common Room where the FOBs are kept.

Thanks, will do!!

Along the same lines, I recently let my membership lapse after having to cancel my card.

When I renew my membership, will my key fob work automatically?

No - when the membership lapses it clears the key fob. You will need to enter the number - which you can do at home [if you can read the fob number].

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Here’s the link to reactivate your fob:

If you have trouble logging in (we think we fixed that, but ya’ never know), email [email protected].