Need High Speed vision system that will detect direction and RPM of a rotating object

Any advice on companies who make a vision system that can detect the rotation direction and RPM of an object. Object is rotating 1,200 RPM or less. I’m guessing 240fps or faster image processing. I have seen very high speed cameras on high speed stamping lines but not this application. Might need to detect several rotating objects in the field of view or combine images from several cameras to process at once. The object(s) will be rotating but everything else in the field of view would be stationary.
Just looking for companies who can quote the project. Local to Dallas would be preferred.

Could you add an optical encoder on the rotating shaft and two optical sensors? One could be used to count the RPMs and the delay between one and another would tell you whether it was spinning clockwise or counterclockwise.



Not really practical to put an encoder on the object, it needs to use the shape of the object to detect it rotating. There should be pretty good contrast with the background. I think we use some fiber optic sensors now but they have to be positioned correctly to get a good reading.

Must it be vision? this is often done with magnets and hall effect sensors

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It is to do a quick verification check on an assembly line. We have sensors now but we have too many variations to have fixed mount sensors so there is wasted time positioning the sensors and retest if they dont get it right the first time

Is there an upper bounds on the expected rpm?

fps > (rpm/60) × 3

So long as your max rpm can satisfy that equation, determining your data should be possible using some standard image processing.

Check out Point Grey (now part of FLIR). They take commercial sensors from Sony and others and package them for use with a computer. Like a super fancy webcam on steroids. They have a huge selection and many specialized cameras.