Need help with small inlay

I have two small boxes that have routed cavities on the top (many many thanks to @mdredmond !!) The cavities are about 1/16" deep. I’d like to fill the cavities with colored resin and then sand them, etc. In theory, I’m trained on the pressure pot but it has been a while. I don’t have any resin (and I probably need a couple shot-glasses full). What kind should I get?

I have selected some colored mica powder (turquise blue) to mix into the resin.

@Lordrook, @kaylanbetten or others, do you have any suggestions?


LOVE the design…am interested in hearing abt your progress on this and how you complete it! Please post updates!


I do quite a bit of epoxy resin work. I’m happy to help. Personally, I don’t use a pressure pot. I know they help eliminate air and help the curing process, but I’ve found that for anything less than 1/4” deep, a butane torch works great for eliminating the air bubbles.

I have plenty of table top epoxy that is great for projects like this. Happy to throw some your way.

Quick question. What type of wood are you using? Depending on the wood and grain structure, you may need to put a sealer first so that the epoxy doesn’t seep into the fibers.


Walnut. Do you think I need to seal, and if so, with what? Just the “cavities”, or the entire top of the box?

Is it safe to use a butane torch on the wood?

We’ll be moving the butane torch over the material fast enough that it won’t have any effect on the wood.

Chris - you’d seal just the cavities with some expected splash over to the surrounding wood. Then pour resin, also with a little spread to eliminate the lensing of the epoxy.

Then sand flat.


Sorry for the slow reply, I tend to not check messages over the weekend.

Basically what everyone else said.
Seal, polyurethane or whatever is your preference.
pour, either torch the bubbles our or pressure pot. the torch is definitely easier with smaller pours like this. Especially if you seal the wood first and are not getting as many bubbles as you might otherwise
sand (preferably to 2500-3000) grit and finish as normal.

Second all of the above! I don’t use a pressure pot either for bubbles. Just a butane torch. Fun fact, you can also spritz isopropyl alcohol over the resin and it’ll pop the bubbles.

For a 1/4” cast you can use a tabletop epoxy and don’t need a casting epoxy.