Need help with my table saw

I’m about at my wit’s end with this table saw. It’s a Hitachi C10RJ jobsite table saw. Two days ago I slipped while ripping a large piece of PVC and got the blade caught in the material for a second. Now it won’t start. I have tested continuity on everything: the switch, the overload, the soft-start, I even tested continuity from one plug to the other and all was good. I replaced the overload already because it was cheap and I could get it shipped from Amazon no problem, but that didn’t fix anything. Now I am looking at fixing the soft-start, but its a bit more complicated than the overload which was just plug and play with a couple connectors. Anyone have any experience with similar that they can lend?

If it’s still under warranty I would start there. If you look at the Amazon reviews there is some discussion about a design issue relating to the soft start module and a recall.

It was bought from Craigslist so I don’t think I am covered under warranty. As far as I understand it, this model has been discontinued.

You can spin the (unplugged) motor by hand?

You might still try contacting the manufacturer of the saw. They may be willing to help with a known defect.
You have nothing to lose.

Yes, I can spin the blade by hand

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I hope this isn’t all redundant to everything you have already done/researched:

(note: the Craftsman and Hitachi are close enough in design and manufacture for link to be relevant)

I also read a forum post where someone was sawing with one of these, motor stopped on him, and solution that ended up working for him was pulling the motor brushes and re-inserting. Didn’t make sense to me, but that’s what he said worked for him. (of course it may have just been the jiggling/jogging of the motor that had the actual effect…?)

Occasionally enough dust from the brushes, or sawdust may build up between the brush and its holder, that it binds up. Just removing and installing the brushes may allow enough dust to fall out that the brushes will again move under spring pressure.

A lot of the manufacturers used the same motor over the last two years. Check the recall fire hazard.