Need Help with larger print

Hello All!

I’m currently working on an arcade cabinet with a marquee at the top. The art for the marquee is around 8" X 24" and needs to be printed on a larger format printer.

I was wondering if there were any classes or if someone could help me with this?


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I do not believe there are any large format printers up and running. Last I heard there was testing going on but they were not open for jobs (I could be wrong, its been awhile since I’ve been to the space)

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What material are you printing on?

Was hoping to maybe print a vinyl sticker but I could also make regular paper work

I don’t print on vinyl but I do have self adhesive polyester (good for custom wall paper and murals but not smooth).
I have a canon ipf8400

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I’m applying it to a piece of acrylic so I don’t think it needs to be smooth, is it fairly translucent though? Need to shine a light through it

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I’ll print something on it later this afternoon and apply it to a piece of acrylic that was destined for the laser donation area for a “look see”

If I don’t get to it today - it will be tomorrow.

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This may have to happen on Sunday when my store is closed.
I am tempted to have you come to the store and print it yourself on my printer…there’s a thought rent my wide format printer out ! (Shoot me now)
I see that you are in flower mound as well…

That might work. Where are you located?

PM (Message sent with various contact details etc)