Need help with large cast

I am looking for help trying to form a large cast which is a cylinder about 11 inches tall by 9 inches in diameter.

What are you needing help with on the cast?

My two cents worth: The bigger/thicker the cast you should reduce the catalyst amount. The heat build up in the center can get quite hot and the reaction accelerates rapidly. Learned this the hard way when I mixed a gallon of resin (was working on a sailboat 50+ years ago). The pot time was about 25%-30% of what a pint-quart was.

The can got too hot to even hold, the center setup before the cooler outside and solid block cracked before I could use it. Look up the manufacturer’s suggested ratio for large batches.

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There are two epoxy resin blocks that i am looking to glue or cast together. I have been doing this cast in layers. but how it is bigger than my pressure pot.

How big is your pressure pot?