Need Help WIth Camera Restoration Project


Hi All

I can use some help from the Jewelry/Small Metals Shop People, please!

I have not been trained or formally introduced to this area.

Anyhow, I am performing some restoration to my vintage Nikon F2 Cameras.

There are a few dents and dings in some of the brass case parts. I could sure use some help from 'yall burnishing and smoothing out these dents. These parts are die-stamped brass sheetmetal and not castings.

Can anyone help? When are you available?


Sorry I just noticed this was in JSM

Can you get they off the camera so you can work from the inside of the dings

I m not sure how easily they will come our

I am willing to take a look and Sue might also be a cood source to help

I will be in JSM tomorrow night after the PR meeting


Thanks for the response. Sorry for the delayed response. I am pretty much booked up tomorrow. I am hoping to make it in on Saturday.

I am very interested in getting signed off on using the jeweler’s torch for silver soldering.

I do have my home-made resistance solder unit.

Working the dings out is pretty straight forward using proper plastic and wood burnishing tools and such. Problem is disassembly on a few parts w/o having the specialized camera repair tools.


I am taking the quilting classes on Sat so I will be in CA most of the time I hope to get
there a little earlier to do some other work

I should be able to take a little time out ot the class to talk
to you


Hi Cairenn

I’ll be up there in a little while. Gettting ready to head out the door and have a few stops along the way. Machine Shop Committee Meeting today at 5:00