Need help to reupholster two chairs


Anybody willing to teach me how to reupholster two small club chairs. I ran into a nice woman at the makerspace last night that mentioned she could teach me, but I got distracted and like an idiot didn’t get her info. So if you see this and want to help, please reply.


I don’t have bandwidth to help right now (and it wasn’t me you met), but in another life I did a stint working for a person that did upholstery.

One of the biggest takeaways for reupholstery, other than using decent sewing equipment and having a walking foot for certain things, was to be careful when disassembling.

Like use a seam ripper to rip apart the seams to preserve the existing pieces, versus destroying it to get it off…with care, you have perfect cutting pattern for new pieces that way

Also don’t cheap out on the foam or innards.

Note, for heavier fabrics, leather, etc, we may have better equipment soon

@matthshooter can speak more to that


I’m definitely not the nice woman that can teach you but I am a leech that would like to learn this as well. If you do get this going and need an extra pair of hands I’d be glad to help if I can.


Thanks for the info. That is helpful. I’ll start taking some of the sewing classes.


Everytime you takea row of staples off or seam rip the original material, tapepictures or even video of it.

I’d need to see a close up of the seam, but I’d bet is a French seam of some kind (sailrite has some great videos on this).

Leave a little extra material on the ends you are stapling together, it lets your seam allowance when you’re sewing be a little more forgiving.

You would definitely want to practice sewing straight lines, and the rex light industrial we have at the space will probably be the machine you’ll need to use to sew this together