Need help to get FOB and access

Good morning everyone, I’m looking to try to come up to the maker-space to get my FOB and access. Any time available? I will try to be flexible.

I won’t be in today (although I might be around tomorrow afternoon), however generally there is always a couple people in the space - so if you live close by it’s probably worth just running over and ringing the doorbell a couple times and seeing if you can get in.

Alternatively, We leave some of the RFID fobs in the mailbox by the main entrance - you can grab one of these and set it up via makermanager on your phone.
Nothing to set up access / become a member actually requires you to be on premise, it’s just generally easier because more people are around to help.

This works best after about 5 pm. Not a lot of people around earlier in the day

If you started this way now, when would you get here?

Kevin was still sitting up front when I came in, and he’s usually pretty good about answering the doorbell. If there’s a specific time you’ll be here, I can head to the front then.