Need help sewing a bench cushion for VW Van

I’m working on restoration of my old VW Van and decided my old bench seats could use some new material now that they are out of the van.

Gave it a go on an old Red Eye Singer that I recently restored. It didn’t go as planned.

Anyone open to give me a little coaching Saturday or Sunday? Or maybe even Monday evening.

It seems straightforward, just a top and bottom cushion. I’m just not sure I’m doing this right.

Thanks so much



Judy @jrkriehn is the sewing SIG leader…

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I should be here after about 6pm on Saturday. On Sunday I’ll probably get here about 1pm, although I’m teaching from 3-7.


Sorry I missed this message. I had at the space all day working on the new van so wasn’t paying much attention to phone. I’ll be back every night this week after 6. Trying to get a lot accomplished this month.

I’ll be at the Space probably by 8pm Monday. Are you one of the big white vans?

Hope that’s not a bad thing ;). I was working on my van this weekend. It’s the first time I bring the van in. Needed to cut into it and doing it at home didn’t feel like the best option.

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Not bad – just noticed one in the bay as I was leaving Ceramics tonight. According to Talk, there have been several Big White Vans coming by over the last week or so.

I’m at the space. Got a bit delayed at work. If you do have a bit of time - I’m going to start cleaning up the bench somewhere around the wood shop area.

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