Need help picking up in Denton

Anyone with a truck avail to pick up 12 rolling chairs from UNT surplus on Thursday am? I am donating 12 rolling chairs to the space but need someone to go pick them up.
They are also open today until 1


If someone is going, might scope out this too since same day/location

Fiber arts sale doesn’t start til noon on Thursday and it’s at the fiberarts building. I talked to the warehouse manager, and he said they anticipate most of the fiber stuff being sold on Thursday.

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Thanks for the details. Yeah not worried about fiber stuff since we’re good, but some of the other items in later pics might interest others

Yeah, I’m going mostly to get a gander at the size of those things, and maybe snag some drop cloths for $1 since the wet-classroom-to-be might benefit.

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is this an auction or a sale?? the double SS sink is sort of interesting.

Unt surplus is no haggling sale.