Need help on a Van Build - covered parking an option?

I’m currently building out a Sprinter Van into an RV - during my intro tour someone mentioned there is a committee out there for Van Builds. Can anyone get me their contact info?

Here’s what I’m looking to do:

I need a space to store the van - I know storage space inside the warehouse is a No - but I’m wondering if I could buy a covered parking awning for it, so we could leave it outside the Dallas Makerspace warehouse. Obviously we would need to get approval/permits potentially from the city if it is allowed. But I am wondering if Dallas Makerspace would be accommodating to allowing us to keep the van parked outside the warehouse space if we bought a dedicated awning for it.

Any advice and contact info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry, but the lease specifically prohibits the use of awnings of any kind. It also prohibits overnight parking, or working on vehicles in the parking lot.

Your best bet might be to see if the UHaul place around the corner on IH35 could be used as storage.


IIRC, the lease also prohibits automotive work on vehicles in the parking lot.

That’s what I needed to know, thank you.

Ouch. Too soon? :blankspace:

As the person in charge of storage and making sure the parking lot isn’t full of project cars, all of the info in the thread is correct.


Thank you for the quick response everyone I appreciate it.


You might check out the new “Neighbor” app which connects people needing space with owners with excess space at their home.