Need help moving an upright piano tonight / tomorrow (on site, just into elevator and unit)

I have an upright player piano. It’s on the rental truck (which has a lift gate), but I need help getting it into my unit. No stairs, only step is a small threshold for my unit.

It’s heavy and the built in casters are not rolling cleanly. Ideally I’d hope to find one of these which makes this job super easy if available:>%20Dollies%20%2B%20Movers&utm_campaign=Strongway&utm_content=52397&&cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=google_PLA&utm_campaign=&mkwid=sjRgXFbNO&pcrid=200681799728&devicetype=c&ds_e_product_group_id=616686257173&ds_e_product_store_id=&ds_e_ad_type=pla

But alas it’s not locally available as far as I can tell. HD tool rental doesn’t have something suitable. I’m still calling around, but can bribe people with craft beers or pay if it’s an actual crew. 4 of us getting up 2 steps was bad enough, but even 4 of us getting it onto the lift gate was a pain just due to how bad the casters are (and the furniture dollys slide on it too much). It’s a softer wood so I’d rather find someone with a more appropriate moving method than manhandling.

give me a PM if you know of a crew with the right stuff I can summon with short notice.

My wife and I were able to move my father’s upright piano into a storage space with a lip and incline using these:
It was AMAZING how well they actually work.

surprisingly this thing has lifting handles and casters, but even with those and 4 people was a royal PITA. I think the player mechanics are just adding that much weight.

I got a referral to a moving company and after a few call arounds and more referrals was able to find one that could do first thing in the morning for still cheaper than one of those dollys cost (and without having to rent the truck for more days to boot!)

Thanks everyone that messaged me.



My wife never lets me forget the time I moved her piano