Need help getting back on laser

My fob key is not letting me access the laser. Need help.

Can you log into the computer(s) OK?

EDIT: To whoever is able to help him, it appears that he does not have any laser AD credentials.

Jesus … (roughly) when did you take the laser class, and who was the instructor?

Nov. of last year and it was with Tommy

Still need help, can I get Tommy’s contact?

@tomthm This Tommy?

Yes thanks. There was quit a mixup on my part last Oct Nov when I taught a run of daily classes. Not an excuse, sidestepping the blame LOL.

Will reply to him and get him added

THANKS @jast

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Jesus, I’m sorry about the oversight. I had some gaps last Oct, Nov, when a taught a run of daily classes. No excuses, just ducking blame. Ha. I’ll get a message to Stan right now, should be fixed today or tomorrow, he’s really prompt with help.

Please add Jesus Lopez to Thunder Laser AD. He took my class last Nov and I failed to check him off.


Thanks Tommy

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